Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR Forest Review

The Suunto Spartan Sport HR Forest is a updated version of the Spartan Sport that I reviewed couple months ago. This new version has a wrist based heart rate sensor made by Valencell that is know for one to the best optical heart rate sensors and during testing I found out that it was almost on par with chest strap-sensors. You just have to remember to tighten the wrist strap of the Sparta Wrist HR or otherwise I found out that the results were not accurate.


The best part of the new Sparta watches are the looks, especially the Forest-colour with bronze bezel and green casing & strap. Its perfect combination that you gladly wear on casual occasions as well. Spartan has had major software updates and now it feels like the watch it should have been 9 months ago, the UI still feels sluggish because of the hardware but when the watch looks this good you don't even mind that

Wet Spartan with orienteering map