Stay board next to my dual hub speed demon 

Stay board next to my dual hub speed demon 


Got chance to try out the hot e-longboard called Stary Board. Board is still in beta phase so this small review/preview is not of the final product.


Look and feel

Stary board looks and feels like a quality product. The board feels light in hand and the slim, built in battery makes this really stealthy.


The planetary gearing in stary gives it massive boost in torque compared to non-geared hub motors. I was surprised how well this board handled hills. You can feel the single motor to steer the board when accelerating or breaking hard, it feels the same as with single belt drive motors. The carving with board is okay. The trucks are your average longboard trucks. Board makes quite loud noise thanks to the planetary gearing. The noise is different than with normal hub motors or belt drive, it is more mechanic. Like robots having an orgy without lube. 


The remote of this board is something I really want to the DIY-world. Remote is compact and the small display in the remote gives you all the information you would need (speed modes, battery levels, speed, distance ridden, levels of the individual cells). The thumb-trigger feels responsive. 



+Feels and looks good


+Torque with the geared hub motor





-Range of 10km feels short


I will do a real review if I happen to get the final version of the board to test out, so far it feels like quite nice package.