Benchwheel review

Look and feel

The looks of the Benchwheel are quite unique. The electronics are inside metal beam and the trucks are bolted on top of the beam so the deck sits really high. It is not aesthetically pleasing but it is something you can live with. On electric longboard the height of the deck is not as important as with traditional longboard since you dont have to push and the max speed of the Benchwheel is not that high (~28km/h). The board weighs in around 8kg so it is quite mid range on that aspect.


The board feels stiff and sturdy. Not the most comfortable ride but for this low price it rides well. The carving is not smooth and the travel of the trucks are minimal. The dual belt driven setup has good torque and the gearing feels good for riding in the city. The acceleration curve is pleasing and it does not jolt like some of the DIY-builds with RC car ESC:s. For some reason the board starts with reverse on so you have to change the direction every time you turn on the board. The range of the board is about 15km with rider weighing 75kg. Board is quite loud but not as loud as the Stary board. 


Remote is simple, light and compact. The acceleration and breaks are operated with a thumb-knob. You can select two speed modes or reverse on the remote. The remote does not tell how much you have battery left on the board. The remote feels a bit hollow and it could be a little bit heavier. 


  • Cheap (about 550€)
  • Easy to use
  • Clean looks
  • Smooth acceleration and braking. 


  • Stiff
  • Carving is not that smooth
  • Loud
  • Some users have reliability issues¨


For the price you get nice package with good range and decent stop speed. Some users have experienced reliability issues so if you buy this board, make sure the seller has service and return policy. It would be interesting to compare this board to the ones that cost 3 times more. Stay tuned for Boosted Board 2 review.