Suunto Traverse Review

Look and feel

Suunto Traverse feels sturdy and high quality in hand. When strapped in wrist it is quite bulky but not as bad as Ambit 3 Peak with GPS-hump. Watch looks good in person. 

The screen is not super high resolution and the glass is not that resistant for scratches (as you can see in pictures). The backlight is nice but I wish there would be option for turning the screen on by shaking or taping, like in Suunto Kailash.  


UI & Movescount

Breadcrump view  

Breadcrump view  

The UI of the watch and movescount is quite "engineer"-like. Lots of options and some options you can do on the watch, some you have to do with movescount app (like gps-accuracy) and some things you can do only with movescount website (route planning). After last december the movescount app and the watch firmware have seen big updates and the situation is better at the moment than 6 months ago, still not ideal though. 

For some reason the sync time between app and the watch seems slow, 1-2 minutes even when not transfering activities.  You can sync notifications from your phone to the watch but the option to limit what notifications you want to receiver or how long the notifications are is limited. I hope we would see update on this.

Once the battery of the watch run till 0% and after charging the watch did not work untill it was plugged in a computer, something I would not to like to see when im middle of a hike!

Mountaineering & hiking

Elevation profile

Elevation profile

Main use for Traverse for me is mountaineering and hiking and that is where this watch shines.  The GPS and elevation accuracy is top notch. The elevation profiles and possibility to plan routes   beforehand are handy options. If you are on a longer hike, the option to switch to lower GPS accuracy gives you battery life of 100 hours. 


And with Suunto Movescount apps you can add features like oxygen level counter or counter how many beers worth of calories you have consumed.

App that tells you how many beers worth you have burned calories

App that tells you how many beers worth you have burned calories


For casual runners you have good options to make the watch give you the information you want. You can sync the watch with the Suunto smart HR belt. For swimming and cycling the options are more limited. The possibility to see the recovery time after run would be nice.  


When E-longboarding the Suunto Traverse works as an important speedometer and odometer. The GPS accuracy is good even when you are going 50-60km/h. The refresh frequency of speed could be better but I understand that the watch is not design for this use. And because of the looks of the watch are great it is always in the wrist.

I had a crash when I was testing my prototype board and after little quick tuck and roll the watch got scratched pretty bad. The band broke off (probably a safety feature) but it was easy to attach back on. 


  • Good looks
  • GPS and elevation accuracy  
  • Ability to load routes
  • Constant updates


  • Laggy  
  • Slow syncing
  • Screen could be more resistant for scratches
  • Buggy before updates


The Suunto Traverse is nice package for a mountaineering or hiking. And with the nice looks you can wear it everyday. The watch feels still little bit incomplete on the software side so it can be frustrating at times.