Stornappstinden - Lofoten - Norway

On the way up! You can see the parking lot down in the valley



Nice half day hiking trip on Lofoten Islands. Stornappstinden is located on the Flakstadøy-Island. 


  • Length: 4km (round-trip)
  • Duration: 2,5 hours
  • Start: Parking lot next to the ski-lifts ( MAP
  • Level: Easy
  • Peak altitude: 740 meters
  • Ascent/Descent: 685 meters



The route starts from the parking lot and you can see an old ski lift on the north-east. Walk through the gate on the sheep fence (remember to close the gate behind you!). Start walking up next to the ski lift poles and say hello to gazing sheeps 🐏. 

After you reach the end of the lift the path goes to left (north) and there is some wet ground. After crossing small stream you arrive to small swamp. Go around it and start climbing more steeply. Again, greet the sheeps who are staring at you 👋🏻 

The path gets steeper and steeper until you arrive the ridge and you can see the north side of the island. This is good spot to eat some snack and enjoy the view (remember to take your trash with you). The ridge is fairly flat and you can find a spot to put your tent, it can be fairly windy though. To reach the summit, you continue climbing the ridge, some points the path can be hard to see here. 

Arriving to Stornappstindens peak is a surprise, it just sits there even if you think you have more to climb. The view can be breathtaking if the weather is good (judging by the pictures, when we arrived there it was inside a cloud, see the picture below). 

After writing your name on the notebook on the summit post, you can continue the ridge to North to the North side of the Island. Descending from the summit to the car park takes about 45 minutes.

For more information check good article by 68 North !