Helsinki City Trail 2017

Thank you for the picture Anu Uhotoinen!

Thank you for the picture Anu Uhotoinen!

Participated second time on the Helsinki City Trail, this time on the longer route, 24km. I have done 1/2 half marathon twice on flat and couple ~10km trail runs so this was my first "longer" run on trail. 

The route was new this year and it started near Helsinki city center (this is very accessible trail run!) at Eläintarha track & field and headed to Helsinki Central Park, topped Palomäki hill twice and came back through the forest to the Eläintarha. 

Even though the route started near city center it had only couple gravel parts longer than 40m (besides the start and end) and it was mostly trail with roots and rocks. Trail was mostly easy (compared to Norwegian trails) with couple bigger obstacles. Total Ascent on the route was 475m. 

Hyperlapse video by Raine Määttänen

I've always had difficulties with my knees on longer runs and this run was no exception. I've been training orienteering this summer so it helped little bit but after 21km I had to change running to walking. I did 21km in 2h38min but the last 3km took 38minutes. Next objective is to make those knees stronger! Any tips how to beat the runners knee?

It felt like there was just a fraction of participants compared to last year but overall the event was neat and well organised. And since it was so close home I could just walk home to take a shower, no need to use car or take a bus! Helsinki truly is a trail running capital